Scientific Advisory Board

Jens Müller-Belau

Jens Müller-Belau, Energy Transition Manager Germany, Deutsche Shell Holding GmbH. Photo: Shell

In March 2018 Jens Müller-Belau was appointed as the Energy Transition Manager for Shell in Germany. With a strong external focus, the role integrates ongoing Shell activities across various businesses and is designed to seek and profile future business opportunities and medium- and longer-term options across all Shell businesses in Germany.

In his last role, he was the Managing Director for Shell Global Solutions Deutschland GmbH, leading the Shell Technology Centre in Hamburg, a global centre of expertise with 300 people focussing on research and development in automotive, industrial and domestic fuels, lubricants and greases, engine gearbox and vehicle technology, and marine technologies. He also was a member of the Board for CRI Deutschland GmbH, a Shell catalyst manufacturer in Germany and held the global role as General Manager for Innovation in Fuels Technology. His team was focussing on collaborating with multiple industry partners on key strategic drivers such as technology advances and bridging longer-term mobility trends with shorter-term innovation and product development needs, developing and deploying new fuel technologies to meet the demands of a rapidly changing global market place.

Jens completed a master´s degree in chemical engineering in Hamburg and he began his career in Shell as a fuels scientist in 1996 at Shell Technology Centre Hamburg. Based in Hamburg and Houston, Jens held various global technology leadership positions in Shell, managing product strategies and development teams and programs for Shell across a range of fuels and lubricants products. In 2007, he moved into a commercial role taking the position of Diesel & Portfolio Manager in the Retail Fuels Marketing team for North America. In this role Jens was responsible for the development of the fuels marketing strategy and implementation of new differentiated products in North America. He managed the integration with Shell´s global marketing teams, Shell´s research & development organisation, the local supply chains and key external stakeholders such as car manufacturers, suppliers and Retailers to successfully grow the business with differentiated fuels in North America. During that time Jens also managed the emerging diesel and biofuels business categories for Shell Retail.