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CHP system runs on biogenic pyrolysis oil

An international consortium in the EU research project "SmartCHP" has developed the prototype of a cost-effective and flexible energy system for generating electricity and heat on the basis of combined heat and power (CHP). This is a motorized CHP system that was operated with pyrolysis oil from biomass residues (fast pyrolysis bio oil, FPBO).

CHP system runs on biogenic pyrolysis oil2024-06-24T10:41:15+02:00

Electrification of thermal processing plants

The use of renewable electricity to electrify processes and the hybrid operation of industrial furnaces with electricity and hydrogen raises new questions, such as the stresses on the materials used in furnace construction. The Dechema Research Institute and OWI Science for Fuels gGmbH want to find answers in the current “MatELHeat” research project.

Electrification of thermal processing plants2024-06-11T08:55:46+02:00

Wastewater treatment plant to produce green methanol

The aim of the current research project " E-BO(2)T " is to demonstrate the technology for the production of green methanol at the wastewater treatment plant in Bottrop. The building of a power-to-methanol (PtM) demonstration plant is in planning, which would cover the entire process of producing carbon-neutral methanol.

Wastewater treatment plant to produce green methanol2024-01-17T11:36:56+01:00

E-fuels are ready for takeoff

The development of synthetic fuels from renewable sources, which as so-called e-fuels could make an important contribution to climate protection and lower pollutant emissions, has already reached a high level of technical maturity. Fuels that are compatible with existing and current engine technology and comply with applicable fuel standards have the best chances of being launched on the market in the near future.

E-fuels are ready for takeoff2023-07-13T09:18:02+02:00

New no-harm test for additives under development

A new no-harm application test for additives in fuels is to be developed by OWI Science for Fuels gGmbH and the Chair of Piston Machines and Internal Combustion Engines at the University of Rostock in a joint research project. The increasing use of new climate-friendly biogenic and synthetic fuels and fuel compositions will require a large number of new additives, which in turn will have to be subjected to conscientious testing in accordance with no-harm criteria.

New no-harm test for additives under development2023-05-15T13:30:05+02:00
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