R&D Services

Technical Back-up Renders Research Possible

In the research laboratories and at the test benches of OWI, a project-oriented, highly specialised technical infrastructure is usually available. This ranges from burner technology from the industry sector to household boilers and to burners for research purposes. It also includes industrial furnaces, various fuel processors and fuel cell systems (HT-PEM, SOFC), a chemistry laboratory for fuel analytics as well as Hardware-in-the-Loop-test-benches, e.g. for component testing. And not last a highly differentiated metrology, e.g. for the determination of reasons for acoustic combustion phenomena or the measurement of boiler efficiencies.

Foto: OWI

To design, to rig up and to bring  total system test-benches into service, to test technical partial and total systems as well as their components in endurance tests and to achieve valid results – several working groups which cooperate closely, make sure that the complex research and development tasks are carried out fast and smoothly.