System Simulation

“Dynamic system simulation” comprises transient models of complex technical and physical systems (fuel cell systems, domestic heating systems, combined heat power systems, etc.) for numerical analysis.

Systems which have to be newly developed and already existing systems can be modelled based on mathematical equations. A complex dynamic system consists of several individual subsystems which are modelled singly and assembled to define the entire physical process. System simulation proves itself to be an important tool, e.g., to evaluate different system configurations or to increase the system efficiency.

Furthermore, the models of technical systems are used to emulate non-existing system components. This allows developing control systems parameter earlier in the design-phase. The dynamic system models are also developed for identifying the system and determining control system parameters during the control development with “Hardware/Software in the Loop” methods.

OWI´s numerical simulation group focuses on the field of over-all system analysis. Depending upon the type of problem, a technical/economical evaluation is made. With the help of detailed transient simulation models, the system potential can be determined at real environmental conditions (e.g. simulation of energy demand load profiles for household applications). An economic analysis completes the evaluation process of the considered technology.