About OWI

The OWI Science for Fuels gGmbH is an independent and non-profit research institution. OWI researches and develops concepts and technologies in the areas of energy-efficient use of liquid conventional and alternative fuels as well as innovative technologies in cooperation with partners from the industry and research. Subjects of research and development are the areas of production process, substance properties, application and storage, conceptual development as well as technology assessment and transfer. The aim is to develop sohisticated low-carbon and low-emission solutions for tomorrow´s heat generation and mobility.
OWI is a provider of research services and sees itself as a mediator between fundamental research and application. Its employees do not only work on projects which are financed from public funds but also on industrial research agreements. Clients range from manufacturers of domestic heating systems to companies of the automotive supply industry, the petroleum industry and the industrial furnace design to several other industries.

A decription of the research and development priorities at OWI you find here.

The research activities are supported by major companies and organisations that are active in the fields of equipment and component manufacturing, the petroleum industry and analysis laboratories. The 30 sponsoring members come from fiveEuropean countries and the USA.

A scientific advisory board advises the institute in scientific and technical issues. Since 2007, OWI has been an “Affiliated Institute of RWTH Aachen University”. The rectorate of RWTH Aachen University acknowledges external institutions to be a facility of the university, if they fulfil scientific tasks for which the university itself has no capacity and if their research and development projects serve to transfer technologies into the industry. OWI still keeps its legal and economic autonomy as a non-profit gGmbH.

Our cooperation partners

OWI is a subsidiary of TEC4FUELS GmbH and the Institut für Wärme und Mobilität and works together with them on sustainable solutions for the energy transition.

Institut für Wärme und Mobilität e.V.

Climate protection and energy system transformation are among the greatest challenges of our time.

As an institution of the German petroleum industry, the IWO supports the climate goals and the change in energy supply. On behalf of our members, we use our expertise to ensure that highly efficient technologies and increasingly CO2-neutral fuels in mobility and heat supply become a pillar of the energy turnaround.

We are active in four core areas: co-designing framework conditions, technology development, fuel research and communication. Well-known manufacturers of heaters and components as well as other institutions and associations accompany our work as supporting members.

In order to achieve the necessary successes in climate protection, it is important to tackle current and future challenges in a competition for the best solutions that is open to technology. Transformation paths with a broad mix of technologies and energy sources are more robust and cost-effective than those that rely predominantly on electricity-based applications.

Such a mix should also include liquid energy sources, as these have a high energy density, are easy to transport and can be stored very well. In some applications their use is almost indispensable. This makes it all the more important that liquid energy sources are increasingly produced in a renewable way and can make their contribution to climate protection under suitable conditions.

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TEC4FUELS GmbH is a technical service provider active in research and development of technical products, systems and energy sources and their application in the energy market for fuels and lubricants. This also includes testing the usability and performance in practice. In addition, related advisory and other services are offered.

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