MultiSchIBZ successfully completed

The MultiSchiBZ research project has been successfully completed with a innovation boost for the use of fuel cells in maritime shipping. Over the past two years, OWI Science for Fuels gGmbH has built and operated a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) system in the laboratory.

OWI co-operates with National Institute of Engineering

OWI Science for Fuels gGmbH and Tec4Fuels GmbH in Herzogenrath will co-operate in the future with the National Institute of Engineering (NIE) in Mysore, India. The co-operation agreement, which was signed at the end of March, serves to promote research and technical innovations, academic exchange and entrepreneurial commitment on the part of students and lecturers.

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Measuring the homogeneity of lubricating greases

Researchers at OWI Science for Fuels gGmbH have identified two real-time measurement methods that are suitable for determining the homogeneity of lubricating greases during their production process. They showed for a lithium soap grease and a urea grease that the methods refractometry and FTIR-ATR spectrometry are suitable for assessing the homogeneity of the thickener structure of these greases that is the state of this structure during the homogenization process.

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OWI Science expands chemistry laboratory

In recent months, OWI Science for Fuels gGmbH has successively expanded its chemistry laboratory for the analysis of fuels and lubricants. The laboratory space has been enlarged and several new analytical instruments have been purchased to provide a broader range of analytical capabilities. "With the acquisition of several new large-scale instruments, we have significantly expanded our analysis portfolio," explains OWI Managing Director Wilfried Plum.

21. December 2021|

Modular heat storage system

A modular heat storage system including an intelligent thermal process control system for the energetic utilization of industrial waste heat is the result of the successfully completed research project "ModulHeatStore". The heat store enables the intermediate storage of waste heat generated in industrial processes in the manufacturing sector for which there is no immediate use.

Final event of the research projects C3Mobility and REDIFUEL

On November 23 and 24, 2021, the final event of the fuel research projects C3Mobility and REDIFUEL will take place after about 3 years of research work. OWI Science4Fuels was a consortium partner in both research clusters. In C3Mobility and REDIFUEL, the researchers each developed a new sustainable and climate-friendly fuel to technical maturity.

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