Development of a highly efficient gas turbine power plant

Climate-neutral, emission-free and highly efficient - this is what the power generation of the future could look like with a new generation of supercritical gas turbine power plants. The prerequisite is that they are operated with storable, renewable energy sources instead of natural gas and in the supercritical range, and that the CO2 required in the process is recycled.

Oxygenates as climate-neutral and clean fuels

The production of a low-emission, climate-neutral clean fuel in a direct production process is the overarching goal of the current EU research project E-TANDEM. In this project, an international consortium with the participation of OWI Science for Fuels gGmbH and TEC4FUELS GmbH is working on the efficient and direct production of a new, higher oxygenate diesel-like e-fuel (HOEF) for shipping and heavy-duty transport.

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Paraffinic heating oil in the tank

For owners of oil heating systems who want to contribute to climate protection with renewable energies, greenhouse gas-reduced paraffinic heating oils are an option in addition to the integration of solar energy. But can a fresh, purely paraffinic heating oil be refueled on top of a residual quantity of mineral oil-based heating oil that has been stored for years?

Methanol-to-gasoline – a new fuel with potential

Methanol-to-gasoline (MtG) has the potential to become a carbon-neutral and high-quality fuel of the future, replacing mineral oil-based gasoline. MtG blends with 10% bio-ethanol (MtG E10) or 15% 2-butanol (MtG 2-Bu15) are compliant with the EN 228 standard for gasoline and are therefore suitable for both newly registered and existing vehicles.

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