Performance of OWI

Competitive Advantages due to New Products and Processes

Companies that compete on the market have to convince their clients continually with new and improved processes and products. Especially for small- and medium-sized enterprises the research and development efforts involved often pose a financial and organisational challenge. Several possibilities to cope with these challenges arise when having OWI as a partner.

Due to its comprehensive know-how and experience in its specific fields of research, OWI can give input as a consultant and undertake research and development tasks of small- and medium-sized enterprises: from a feasibility analysis and conceptual development to the consultation and solution for specific subtasks to the development of new or the advancement of existing procedural steps, components or overall systems for individual cases. In many cases, a cooperation of companies with OWI aims at the development of new components and products or the advancement of already existing components and products. The focus usually lies on the reduction of exhaust gas emissions and the increase of primary energy efficiency as well as the enhancement of the operational life or the adaptation to new challenges. Product development can be fostered to the design of testing plants or prototypes as a basis for serial production (small-scale series).

Fundamental Research for the Application of New Technologies

OWI sees itself as a mediator between basic research and application. In order to be able to use promising insights from basic research for new technologies and applications, further research and development steps are required. OWI performs these intermediate steps in cooperation with clients and scientific partners with a focus on customer-specific application areas.

An example is the use of the “Reforming Technology” which has been advanced experimentally at OWI for several years. As a result, the technology is stable and suitable for multiple applications and thus, contributes to combustion with significantly lower emissions and more energy efficiency.