Modular heat storage system

A modular heat storage system including an intelligent thermal process control system for the energetic utilization of industrial waste heat is the result of the successfully completed research project "ModulHeatStore". The heat store enables the intermediate storage of waste heat generated in industrial processes in the manufacturing sector for which there is no immediate use.

Modular heat storage system2021-12-10T09:38:10+01:00

Efficient use of industrial waste heat

Industrial waste heat is a by-product of many industrial processes and is currently often released into the environment unused. This applies in particular to high-temperature processes with process temperatures of more than 1,000 °C. The costs and CO2 emissions associated with the provision of energy represent a major burden for companies and the environment. In industry, the waste heat is already frequently used for heating other processes and for generating electricity or compressed air through direct recoupling. However, in many processes there is a time lag between the availability of waste heat and the demand for heat or electrical energy.

Efficient use of industrial waste heat2020-05-25T11:01:55+02:00
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