New Future Fuels blog provides information on renewable energy sources

View of the homepage of the new Future Fuels blog. Image: IWO

30 January 2020 –

The energy mix of the future will also include renewable fuels. But what is the potential of these energy sources, what is the state of research and development, where is the first practical experience already available and what opportunities does a global market – for example for Power-to-X – offer? These and many other questions are addressed in the recently launched

The challenges posed by climate targets are enormous – especially for energy supply. Even after an increased expansion of domestic wind power and solar plants, Germany will still need an energy mix and will be dependent on the import of renewable energy. Renewable fuels and combustibles are particularly suitable for this purpose. There are various “paths” for the production of these future fuels, since various sources can be used in the production of alternative liquid hydrocarbons. For example, alternative fuels from regenerative waste and residual materials, whose production does not compete with agricultural land or food, will play an important role. Due to the foreseeable high demand, e-fuels are also considered indispensable, i.e. synthetic energy carriers that are produced using the power-to-x process from regeneratively produced hydrogen and CO2 as a carbon source.

The blog is all about these greenhouse gas-reduced liquid energy sources. “We have deliberately created an information and discussion platform that is fully focused on this important future topic,” explains Adrian Willig, Managing Director of the Institute for Heat and Oil Technology (IWO), which operates the blog. “With background reports, news as well as interviews and contributions of opinion, we illustrate the variety of ways in which the transformation to a climate-neutral world with new fuels and combustibles can succeed: With regard to the different energy sources and production paths as well as current and future applications.” The new offer can be found at

Please note that the blog is only offered in German language.