Combustion Technology

Burner development at an OWI test rig. Photo: OWI

Supply with domestic heating, generation of industrial process heat as well as thermal heat for mobile applications – these are some of the areas in which the combustion technology group at OWI is active. The focus lies on burner developments for the use of liquid energy carriers. Moreover, OWI works on the issues of energy efficiency, reduction of pollutant emissions and use of adequate fossil or regenerative fuels as well as of materials engineering and combustion acoustics.

A lot of test benches are available at OWI for the development and investigation of combustion technologies and processes with a thermal capacity of up to 500 kW. There are, for instance, test benches for the determination of efficiency, acoustic characterisation, the comparison of systems and endurance tests for the investigation of marketable systems. Beside the areas of industrial furnace construction and automotive heating systems OWI devotes itself also to the development of residential burners for liquid biofuels and the application of biofuels in engines.