Strategic Research

… on Future Fuels is spart of OWI´s future

Application-oriented research at OWI. Photo: OWI

Today, OWI is also researching second-generation biogenic fuels, which are mainly produced from residual and waste materials such as wood chips, straw and used cooking fats. This results i.e. in pyrolysis oils and, after further processing, hydrogenated bio-oils. In addition, new potentials arise from so-called synthetic fuels (Synfuels). These are tailor-made fuels that are produced on the basis of renewable energies and renewable carbon sources.

The demands on fuels and combustibles are becoming ever stricter in terms of their greenhouse gas reduction potential and the avoidance of competition with food and feed. The development of new synthetic fuels and combustibles is therefore leading to a further increase in research requirements. OWI pursues the goal of developing new fuels and combustibles for current and future technologies and thus guaranteeing the use of the advantages of liquid energy sources also in the future. In ongoing research projects, OWI is investigating the application properties of these new energy sources. Applications include special vehicles, shipping and aviation as well as the domestic heating market.

Research and development at OWI is aimed at increasing the operational safety and efficiency of modern equipment and engine technologies and the service life of their components when new fuels are used. Both individual components of energy systems and system technology as a whole are considered. Here, state-of-the-art liquid energy sources in pure form and in mixtures (blends) with conventional fuels and combustibles are examined.

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