Welcome to the Oel-Waerme-Institut

OWI is an independent non-profit research institute. In cooperation with industrial partners and research institutes OWI develops concepts and technologies in the field of energy-efficient use of conventional and alternative fuels. The aim of the research activities is to develop advanced technologies and solutions for a future sustainable heat supply and mobility contributing to reduced pollutant- and greenhouse gas emissions. OWI is a non-profit organisation and an acknowledged institute affiliated to RWTH Aachen University.


Diesel fuel and heating oil –
Slowing down natural aging processes

6th July 2018 – The OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut gGmbH and the ITMC Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University are therefore investigating the mechanisms of sediment formation using biofuel oils in accordance with DIN SPEC 51603-6. The research project aims to uncover the conditions under which such operation-disturbing sediments are formed and which groups of substances are involved in their formation. This knowledge can be used to develop new methods for the production and analysis of heating oils and to design new additive products. … More

Increasing operational safety of auxiliary heaters –
Doctorate at OWI

27rd June 2018 – M.Sc. Winfried Koch successfully defended his dissertation at RWTH Aachen University in April 2018. His work deals with the influence of the thermal stability of liquid fuels and combustibles on the formation and degradation of residues in porous media evaporators. It was written at the OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut as part of the research project “Influence of evaporation behaviour on the coking tendency of liquid fuels on wetted surfaces”. … More

AVIA supports research at OWI –
Sponsorship of the “Research Cluster Future Fuels”

5th June 2018 – AVIA AG has been supporting the research and development activities of OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut gGmbH in the field of future fuels since April 2018. AVIA and OWI have signed a sponsorship agreement to support the “OWI Research Cluster Future Fuels”. According to the current status, this comprises 13 individual projects for the years 2016 to 2020 with a total project volume of around 6.3 million euros. … More

Investigation of blends of alternative fuels –
Reliably determination of storage stability

23rd May 2018 – Due to the greenhouse gas reduction and therefore an important role in the climate agreement, liquid fuels become increasingly important. Today fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) from used cooking oil (UCOME) can be already added as well as hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) can used as a fuel oil substitute. Other biogenic and synthetic fuels (XtL) are developed currently. Fuels consisting of several components have to be long-term stable and resistant to ageing while storage in the fuel oil tank. The quality of fuels has to correspond to the standard of fuels with alternative shares. … More

Investigation of internal deposits on diesel injectors –
Doctorate at OWI

22nd May 2018 – Dipl.-Ing. Hajo Hoffmann successfully defended his dissertation at RWTH Aachen University in February 2018. His work contributes to the investigation of internal deposits on diesel injectors (“A Contribution to the Investigation of Internal Diesel Injector Deposits”). It was written at the OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut as part of a research project („ENIAK“) to investigate the causes of injector malfunctions in diesel engines. In subsequent projects („ENIAK2“ and „SaveBio“), the interrelationships at OWI are further investigated. Hajo Hoffmann currently works at TEC4FUELS GmbH, the parent company of OWI, as head of the “Qualitywatch” business unit, which deals with the testing of fuels for emergency power systems. … More

OWI Activity Report

With it´s activity report OWI draws business balance. The report outlines not only important aspects of the respective business year but also prospects and developments. The report is available for viewing and for download.