Excellent scientific work

Hardware-in-the-loop test rig for testing the interaction of regenerative fuels with technical components. Photo: OWI

13 May 2019 – The OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut gGmbH was again confirmed as an “affiliated institute of the RWTH Aachen”. The Rectorate of RWTH Aachen University approves external institutions as affiliated institutions if they perform excellent scientific work, complement the research portfolio of the university with research and development projects that serve to transfer technology to the industry. OWI researches and develops concepts and technologies in the fields of energy-efficient use of conventional and alternative liquid fuels as well as innovative efficiency technologies. The aim is to develop technically mature, low greenhouse gas and low-emission solutions for the heat generation and mobility of tomorrow.

A current focus of research at OWI is on fuels with the highest possible CO2 reduction potential and their compatibility with modern combustion and engine technologies. For example, the use of fuels from waste and residues of biogenic origin is being investigated. OWI is also investigating synthetic fuels produced from a renewable carbon source with the help of electricity from renewable sources for their applications in engines, heating systems, fuel cells and thermo-processing plants. An important feature of the research work is the development and implementation of test procedures that can accelerate the interaction of fuels and technical components in the course of operation under realistic operating conditions. After a relatively short time, the stability of fuels as well as the service life and operational safety of technical components and overall systems can be assessed.

As an “affiliated institute”, the OWI is also actively involved in the academic activities at the RWTH. Numerous students of the RWTH and other universities have completed their Bachelor, Master and Diploma theses as well as doctoral dissertations while working under the expert supervision of institute staff on OWI research projects. OWI is one of 15 affiliated institutes currently of the RWTH Aachen, which with more than 500 employees make an important contribution to the technological development at the research location Aachen. The approval of affiliated institutes by RWTH Aachen University is valid for 5 years in accordance with the statutes. A catalogue of criteria is used to determine whether the affiliated institutes meet the requirements for recognition.