Offers for students

OWI offers a wide range of training opportunities for students and career opportunities for junior scientists. We are always looking for student assistants; we provide options and topics for writing academic papers and for a PhD on the basis of a scholarship.

Student Assistants

To support our team, we are regularly looking for student assistants. Interesting and varying tasks have to be performed in the on-going research projects. Working hours are flexible and can be scheduled upon agreement. Possible tasks could include:

  • support for literary research
  • assistance in the representation of technical circumstances (reporting, presentations)
  • assistance for the reconstruction of test benches
  • maintenance of test benches and devices
  • evaluation



PhD at OWI

We are always looking for PhD candidates who want to plan and carry out experiments and the corresponding project acquisition independently. Ideally, you have a university degree in engineering or a related field. Your focus should be in the field of process engineering, thermodynamics or power engineering.  The topic is defined in agreement between you and OWI.

Scholarship Programme

Within the scholarship programme at OWI, PhD candidates have the opportunity to orientate themselves scientifically and to get to know and work on different projects. They can develop thematic and content-related ideas for their PhD. This familiarization phase in form of a scholarship usually lasts twelve months and, theoretically, is open to all PhD candidates. The decision on awarding a scholarship is made by the scholarship-committee of OWI.