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OWI provides research services investigating and developing concepts and new technologies for heat and power generation on a basis of fossil and renewable fuels. It aims at developing energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products which are marketable. At the same time, OWI cooperates closely with industrial partners and research institutes and sees itself as an mediator between fundamental and applied research. OWI is a non-profit organisation and an acknowledged institute affiliated to RWTH Aachen University.


Optimizing the heating of industrial furnaces -
Flat flame burner for liquid fuels newly developed in a research project

26th November 2014 – The Zink KÖRNER GmbH and the OWI „Oel-Waerme“ Institute developed a concept for flat flame burners with power levels of 90 kW and 180 kW for the use of liquid fuels (middle distillates such as heating oil) within a joint research project. Flat flame burners for gaseous fuels are state of the art for the heating of industrial furnaces. Based on a series of experiments on a test bench, a burner quarl with new geometry was created, which stabilizes the twisted flames of both power levels flat and with complete burnout. … More

Heating oil has a decisive impact on storage stability of biofuel oil -
OWI examined interactions between petroleum-based heating oil and FAME

21st Oktober 2014 – The composition of petroleum-based domestic heating oil can have a decisive impact on the long-term storage stability of fuel blends such as biofuel oil (“heating oil EL A Bio”). The OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut was able to prove within a more than 24 months enduring long-time storage examination of ten base heating oils and two FAME-qualities (fatty acid methyl ester), that the FAME-admixture respectively FAME-quality is not the only decisive factor determining the stability of the fuels. As part of the investigations, which were funded by the Institut für Wärme und Oeltechnik (IWO) and supported by the mineral oil industry and additive manufacturers, partly unexpected interactions occurred. More

Fuel cells produced in series –
Business network BiS-Net founded

24th September 2014 – Mass production of fuel cells in Germany is the goal of the newly founded cooperation network BiS-Net. In this network, which also includes the OWI Oel-Waerme-Institut as a research partner, ten small and medium-sized companies and research facilities work on the realization of portable and stationary applications for marketable and mass production suitable fuel cells. The market introduction of technical realizable systems is mostly hindered by high costs due to the applied materials and production engineering. … More

Intelligent energy supply with fuel cells –
Annual report 2013 of OWI published

17th June 2014 – “Reforming and fuel cell systems” is the main topic of the published annual report 2013 of OWI Oil-Heat-Institute. The affiliated institute of RWTH Aachen describes for one of its central research and development areas the technical potentials and application possibilities of portable, mobile and stationary fuel cell systems for power and heat generation. Fuel cell systems can be operated independently from the energy network by means of reforming liquid energy carriers, such as petrol, diesel or (bio-) methanol into hydrogen. … More

Could HVO complement fuels in the domestic heating market? –
Need for research for market launch

21st March 2013 – Due to its chemical-physical characteristics, hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO) offers the potential to complement fossil and biogenic fuels in the domestic heating market. From a political point of view, HVO is interesting in respect of climate protection, because it could decrease greenhouse gas emissions. The large scale Production in stand-alone plants as well as the joint hydration of vegetable oil and the heating oil – diesel – fraction in conventional refinery processes (coprocessing) is technically possible and economically interesting. HVO produced in stand-alone plants is already available on the market. However, know-how about both production processes of vegetable oil and the application-specific characteristics of the resulting biogenic fuel must be expanded. … More

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